Deep Blue Crafting

Change of date for Christmas crafting!

Did I get you? Just for a moment? Did you think “Change of date for Christmas, eh?!!!” I did, just for a second while I wrote it! Tee hee!

Seriously, though, unfortunately something has come up for me which means that I will be unable to hold the Deep Blue Crafting class on the 10th of July now, as it was planned. In discussion with the attendees who are already signed up, we have postponed the class for a week so the new date is July 17th.

The reason for the change is that I am going on a major training course the week of the 10th, and so the attendees to my revised class date are going to seriously benefit from my new knowledge! There will be more information coming, especially if you keep your eye on my personal Facebook page: I am sure I will post lost of updates on there.

So for now I will leave you wondering what this exciting training might be, and checking your calendar to come along to the class on the 17th to be one of the first to benefit from it. As always, contact me to sign up to class, and I look forward to seeing you here!

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