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Craft Stash Confessions

Okay, so if you think your crafty stash is bad, here’s something that might make you feel a little better:

So that photo is taken in the corner of our garage. It’s all the boxes and items that were in the twins’ room before they arrived (and for a little while after, until we moved it all out!), plus some bits that have been accumulated since then. Here are two more photos taken in out dining room. The first shows our chest of drawers which had boxes of stamped images, embellishments, etc and other craft-related items on the top.

Secondly, this photo shows the cabinet we installed above the sideboard to give us more storage space. The centre cupboard has our wine glasses in the top, and my craft tools on the lower shelf. The enclosed cupboards each side hold scrapbooks, letter stickers, glues, all my Stampin’ Up! inkpads, tools, etc.

And when the photo was taken on Friday, there were also a load of crafty items on top of the sideboard! Since then I have tackled a lot of these bits and so now the chest of drawers and sideboard are pretty clear. But I am not sharing this to show off. Nope. I am hoping it might make you feel better about whatever craft stash you may have. I am working on reducing my craft stash as I have more than I can easily use, and especially as my preferences change, and there are always new products tempting me! I am selling some of the items (as I am managing to go through them), and I am also sharing items with my friends when they come round to “play”! If there is anything specific that you want or need, then get in touch and I might be able to help! I am working on reducing the stash, yes, but at the same time I do like having a bunch of stash to hand, as it means I have plenty to work with. Though having too much does not make it easy, as you forget what you have, or cannot find it even if you know you have it!

I am hoping that at least sometime I will be able to show you this corner once it is cleared, but please don’t hold your breath for that photo! And in the meantime, I will continue crafting and hope I can use up the supplies on some lovely cards to show you here and hopefully inspire you to create your own little corner of crafty stash – and I emphasise the word *little*! 🙂

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