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Moments in time

Moments – we all have as many as each other in a day, but do we really make the most of them? I know I don’t make as much of a lot of moments as I have the potential to.

Some moments are daydreamed away, some moments are spent doing drudgery that is necessary but not done mindfully enough to appreciate it, and some moments seem to just be lost and I don’t have a clue where they go! Others, however, others are savoured and I wish they would last forever. Like snuggling with my family, especially now that the twins are getting big enough to pick and choose when we are graced with snuggles and when they want to dash about like crazy things. And some crafty moments are definitely savoured, though some are lost somewhat with “obligation” to make this card or that. It is my choice to make these cards, so I just need to work a little more in advance for some things to remove the stress of it being last-moment!

So which moments do you wish away, which do you savour, which do you “lose” and which are your favourites?

Everyday moments have to be the best, in some ways, because we get the most of those. Let’s all learn how to say “Hooray for the Everyday” and really savour as many moments as we can. We only get a set number in a lifetime, why not enjoy them?

I will be back tomorrow with new weekly deals and another card idea. I hope to be able to schedule some posts over the next week, as I am on holiday and will not be online. I will do my best, but there is a lot to be done before I go so if not you’ll just have to spend your precious moments doing something else and anticipate my return the week after!

Have a great day. Will you join me in enjoying as many moments as you can for today, and every day we remember? I’d love for you to comment and tell me how you have savoured and enjoyed your moments!

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