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Project Life Greetings Cards

Greetings to anyone left here… Wow, what a week! Apologies for not being here – we have had half of our family be very poorly this week – most of it me!

My poor little girl was ill over the weekend and needed Mummy a lot, but then after a nice long sleep in the early afternoon, she was up and back bouncing as usual, which was fab. Then I came to work on Monday morning feeling fine, and within a couple of hours was incredibly unwell and had to go home where I stayed for the next 40-odd hours. Not very pleasant at all! But I am all better now.

As I mentioned previously, I have booked my tickets for this year’s OnStage Live event in Brussels, and I am taking Gary with me as the event coincides with our fifth wedding anniversary. So we are leaving the twins with their grandparents for a few days and heading off to the Continent alone, which will be a treat. We are going to head to Bruges for a day and night as part of our trip, as Mum and Dad said it’s much nicer than Brussels and we’ve not been there. It just means they have to keep the small people for a little bit longer! We’ve not yet worked out whether they will go to nursery to give Mum and Dad some rest or not, but it will all be fine. So, the reason for going into all of that is that I booked our tickets this weekend! I still have to book one of the hotels (for the bulk of the time there), but we’re definitely going, which is very exciting. Can you guess our means of travel?!

Right, hopefully things are now back to “normal”, whatever that may mean, and normal service will resume. I spent Friday evening (before everyone got bugs!) making some of the cards from the new Watercolour Wishes card making kit from the annual catalogue. This only became available this month, and it is really nice. The cards are lovely, and I will be sharing those with you from next week. Though on Tuesday I will have a non-SU card to share as a dear colleague is retiring tomorrow and I didn’t dare share his card before we give it to him, just in case!

For today, however, I have a greetings card using the Project Life Moments Like These accessory kit. You don’t have to just use Project Life cards for scrapbooking and memory keeping – gasp! You don’t have to use them for that at all if you don’t want to – double gasp! They are lovely cards with images and sentiments on them, and they are great for stamping onto and embellishing and generally “playing with”. At the recent team training day that I attended, we had a basket of projects using the Moments Like These accessory kit which includes some of the dinky 2×2″ cards which fit into the new-style page protectors available in the Annual Catalogue. There are also stickers (cardstock, naturally!), sequins, foiled cards and other beauties in the pack. One of the other demonstrators at training went “off-piste” with her designs and didn’t CASE the designs given as examples by Pip and Fiona, and this was one she came up with which I really liked:

Simple, but oh so effective! And it doesn’t use loads of supplies, either. As the panel on the front of the card is made from the new envelope paper, you can even have a 100% coordinating envelope for your card, using the envelope punch board. How cool is that?

Again, I will share some of the other Project Life greetings cards with you in some upcoming posts.

We have just seen the new Autumn/Winter seasonal catalogue at the weekend just gone – this is definitely a perk of being an active demonstrator! – and we will be able to place orders for the items next week. This is a whole month before customers and the general public can order, to allow our new goodies time to arrive and for us to make some wonderful samples with them to convince you that you (like us) cannot live without them! The catalogue is amazing, and pretty much all of the demonstrators I know are concerned that they will go bankrupt if they get all of the items they want and like! We seem to say this every time, but it certainly seems to be the best offering yet, and is really “on-trend”.

Hopefully I will be able to treat myself to at least a few bits, and get crafting with them so I have some sneaky-peeks to share with you here. One thing I am mega excited about is the new Hello December Project Life kit – I adore my album from last December and am definitely going to do another one for this year – fancy joining me?

Think it over… you have until September before we can order the kits for you, and you don’t *need* to have them until November… until you see them, of course!! 😉

Sorry, quick update here to add the weekly deals for this week. There are some lovely bits here – I think I will treat myself to some of the gorgeous Cherry Cobbler twine for use in my Christmas cards and presents – it is never too early to stock up!!

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